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January 15 2017

object of desire
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bus bars for the new Blinkenwall
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mounting frame for LED modules of Blinkenwall v2
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fake news pretends this is a drywall
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nice plaster for the exposed arch masonry

January 14 2017

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Operation am offenen Herzen (Displaytausch)
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January 12 2017

Coup d'état! Say good-bye to the board.
Soonish overthrown and filled up with cast resin.
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--MetaRipper on Twitter
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January 11 2017

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January 10 2017

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SHA Tickets gekauft!

Holland wir kommen im Sommer juchu!

SHA2017 is a non profit outdoor Hacker camp/conference taking place in The Netherlands from the 4th to 8th of August 2017.
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January 09 2017

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