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September 06 2019


Sep 6th, 19:30 at the Metalab, Rathausstrasse 6

Cornelia Kubinger, Music
Wolf Morrison, Music
Reginald Bärris, Comedy
Juliana Martini, Music
amir, Music
Mario Lučić, Comedy
Niko Wagner, Music
Izy Riff, Music
Luna Maluna Gri, Poetry
Linda Kolendowicz, Music
Maximilian Weideneder, Music
Paul J. Seiringer, Comedy
Elwood, Poetry
Elschi & Sonstwer, Music
Frantisek, Music
John Smile, Comedy

free entry

August 30 2019

--theo1y on Twitter

Great #cccamp19 shot by o1y featuring the Leiwandville dome
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August 28 2019

Welcome back! Missed you.
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August 27 2019

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August 26 2019

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August 23 2019

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bext?! - brexiting? next?

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| congrats!
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August 22 2019

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August 14 2019

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